Owen Gray is a beautiful American with bright green eyes and a beautiful tattooed body. He is a tender lover that is extremely tactile. We love Owen Gray at CHEEX. If you love tattoos he will be your favorite star!

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Owen Gray

On his legs, he has the alphabet and is very well known for his various body modifications and scars. These all make him a perfect candidate for indie fetish films. He identifies as Queer and does not discriminate: what we like to see at CHEEX. As with most of the performers showcased on CHEEX, Owen Gray is multi-talented. What he can do with his hands is not surprising after watching one of the films he is in. Owen has an official website where he showcases bondage apparatuses that he has designed and built as well as clothing and photography. How sexy! In the films, Owen loves to choke and go hard on his lovers while kissing the backs and playing with their hair. He can be incredibly animalistic with his soft grunts and ravishing looks and then really loving and tender. If you love a little bit of mystery, coupled with insatiable desire, look no further and watch Owen Gray perform his sexy miracles.

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