Finn Peaks

Finn Peaks is a queer diva from Berlin, with the pronouns they/ them.They draw a lot of creative energy and inspiration from Berlin and its energetic life. They are active in various fields such as modeling, performing, workshop facilitation, connecting pleasure, activism, body politics, and porn filmmaking.

On their website, they say they ‘get off on showing myself and exploring what it means to be genderfluid’. They are gorgeous with a magnificent smile and a glorious blonde tuft of hair. Sensuality takes on a whole new form with Finn. They are strong and sexy. In ‘Werkhalle 9,’ which is featured on CHEEX, they fight with their arch enemy and they show how fighting can become extremely erotic. Finn Peaks is recognizable by the very stylistic porn films they choose to be in. ‘Blue Hour,’ which is also featured on CHEEX, shows Finn Peaks traversing a Berlin rooftop with a transparent bondage brace, matched with tracksuits and a sexy pixie haircut. They are soft and hard and spend a long time touching and kissing. It makes us, at CHEEX, very excited about the indie porn revolution we are seeing, as Finn Peaks is one of the strongest performers we have seen, with very cool energy. We look forward to seeing more of Finn!

Films from Finn Peaks

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