Dex Parker is an erotic adult performer and educator from Vancouver, British Columbia. Dex Parker is a Pansexual Switch with a specialization in holistic erotic creation and education.

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On his OnlyFans he describes his take on adult work and expression; ‘’My aim and purpose are to invigorate, enrich and uplift the sexual energy that resides within us all. We are all sexual beings, and we all can find deeper experiences of sexual empowerment through more than just the physical body. I am here to guide you, and also to learn alongside you as I offer my raw & unfiltered journey towards my own trust expression’’ Dex Parker’s knowledge of the necessary integration of body, mind, and soul is obvious when you see the video ‘Polyamory,’ hosted on CHEEX. Under the dim-lit, red and neon light we see Dex Parker do his thing. It is well worth watching. Dex is on the spectrum of sexuality and it shows with his ability to access sexual connection with both men and women. He spends his life breaking taboos surrounding sex work and changing perceptions of the pejorative prostitution model. We look forward to seeing and hearing more from him on CHEEX in all his dynamic glory!

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