A Dolphin Brushing By My Leg

Every Friday we publish a fantasy about a certain topic. This story comes from Larissa



I really like the idea of being intim @ having some kind of sex with a dolphin. Not necessarily penetrative sex, but I can imagine that a dolphin has a very fine, wet, smooth skin which would be really nice to feel rubbed against your naked body. That’s sort of sex too.

I'm not a dolphin-freak at all, I've never even touched a dolphin.

But it fascinates me that they are such intelligent animals. I also like the idea of being surrounded by lukewarm water. In my fantasy, I don’t see myself in a dolphinarium but in the ocean, with the sun reflecting on the surface. While I’m swimming, I suddenly feel a dolphin brushing by my leg. I imagine that feels like when you feel a fish brush by your leg when you swim—that, but bigger and stronger.

In the fantasy, I want the dolphin to have some human traits and to understand my sexuality.


Because normally a dolphin wouldn’t understand that. Just like girls who ride horses and have an orgasm while riding them—a horse doesn’t understand that at all. 

This is not a fantasy I would put into action, for the sake of the animal. I find the idea of bestiality quite difficult. I know that there are people who think that some animals, like dogs, are able to indicate whether they like something or not. But I think it’s a little crazy to decide for an animal.

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All fantasies are literal transcriptions from real-life interviews. The “Yes Please!” project was initiated by Dutch researchers and authors Lucas De Man and Mariëlle de Goede. Inspired by the famous writer Nancy Friday, the Two set out to discover what people fantasize about today. They took a little caravan and converted into a recording study and stationed it at festivals, conferences, and other large gatherings to interview people from all walks of life. The result is the largest study of sexual fantasies in the Netherlands and Belgium, brought to you by a liberating book under the same name (currently only available in Dutch).


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